Pupil Premium

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Pupil Premium Data Publication 2017/18 Academic Year Updated September 2018

Overview of the Academy

Total number of pupils on roll         58

Total number of pupils benefitting from PPG 48

Total amount of PPG received         £43,260

Summary of Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) Spending 2017/18

Objectives in spending PPG:

  • To improve attendance for those pupils in receipt of PPG

  • To reduce the risk of fixed term/permanent exclusion for those pupils in receipt of PPG

  • To narrow the gap of attainment for pupils in receipt of free school meals

  • To provide therapeutic intervention for those pupils in receipt of PPG

  • To provide support for mental health issues for pupils in receipt of PPG

  • To improve transition for pupils between Key Stage 2 and 3

Summary of Spending and actions taken for 2017/18 academic year:

  • Vocational projects for pupils at risk of permanent exclusion

  • One to one tutors for pupils at risk of permanent exclusion

  • Access to Nurture Group Network and online Boxall Profiles

  • Fresh Start Therapy Programme


  • All pupils have targets identified by their boxall profile and there is evidence that the gaps in the diagnostic and developmental strands is being significantly narrowed.

  • Pupils in alternative provision have avoided permanent exclusion, continue to show improved participation in academic learning, were able to sit external examinations which have resulted in a reduction in potential NEET figures

  • Therapeutic interventions have increased attendance in lessons and there has been measurable progress in conduct, learning and behaviour as evidenced in the SDQ questionnaires.